Zelienople Library Childrens Department

jen treeWhere is the Children’s Library?

The children’s library is located on the lower level of the library. To enter the library use the main library entrance and follow the poem down the stairs. There is an exit on the lower level. The children’s library has its own computerized Online Catalog. The children’s library was created in memory of JENNIFER ADHAM. The children’s area also includes the RYAN JOSEPH WEI-MING HAND TODDLER AREA that houses board books and toys to occupy the small ones. The Thomas the Tank Engine Train Table was purchased for the library by the friends and family of TYLER SEBRING.

Is there a Story Time Program?

There is story hour throughout the school year. Story hour is loosely structured and is meant to follow where the children lead. An age appropriate craft will usually be done to tie into the story theme. A special snack will also be provided. Please let us know if your child has any allergies so we can make adjustments.

Story hour is for 3, 4, and 5 year-olds and is one day/one hour per week. Sessions run for several weeks and usually include stories, crafts, games and snacks. Story hour is on Thursdays at 10:30 am.

Miss Debie also has Toddler Tuesdays each Tuesday at 10:30 am for two year-olds and three year-olds who may not be ready for the full hour of story hour.

poetry treeAre there programs for older kids?

In the Summer we have our Summer Reading Program. The Summer Reading Program has something for all ages from preschoolers thru teenagers, we also have an adult Summer Reading Program. In 2011 Children enjoyed stories, crafts and tasty Thursdays where they made a theme snack. The 2012 is “Dream Big”.

Throughout the year there are also has special programs for school age kids. Keep your eyes open for notices. We have the “Pages and Paws” Reading Buddies Program for school age children who wish to practice their reading with a dog specially trained to listen to the kids and help them relax as they read. Call 724/452-9330 for the next dog visits. If you belong to a scout troop or other organization we can also arrange a tour..

When am I old enough for my own library card?

We generally encourage children to wait until they are old enough to sign their own name before getting a card. Parents must sign registrations for anyone under 18. A lost card is $2.50.

Can I use the internet at the library?

We have 6 internet stations on the main level. A parent must sign a policy statement, in staff presence, before anyone under 18 can use the internet. Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by a parent who has a view of the monitor as the child uses the internet. In the children’s library we have two computerized Online Catalogs for looking up items. Our internet stations have filtering installed.


There are fun and facts for all ages at the Zelienople Area Public Library.